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Dr. Grant and his students examine life in the creek 

World of Wonder (WOW) is a free nature discovery program for families.  WOW and its 2 sponsoring organizations– Davidson Lands Conservancy and Woodland Discovery– recently hosted a Saturday morning program about a fascinating natural feature– the good old creek.

I signed my 10 and 8 year-old boys up for the 2-hour program.  When we arrived in the flood plain beside the creek we found that the program was being led by Dr. David Grant, a professor from Davidson College.

Now I don’t know Dr. Grant’s age, but I can tell you he’s got gray hair… and he’s got a little stoop to his posture… and perhaps his vision and hearing aren’t what they once were.

But I DO know that Dr. Grant has been exploring these creeks for quite a while, because 27 years ago, as a high school junior I attended a summer biology class at Davidson where I was a student in Dr. Grant’s class!  At that time, back in 1984, he’d already been teaching at Davidson for 15 years.   What a great surprise to find he’s still doing his thing after 42 years!

During the course of the morning Dr. Grant climbed up and down steep creek banks.  He ducked poison-ivy vines, and waded waist-deep into a pool where he miraculously caught a net full of fish, and more than once he pushed or pulled young kids up the steep banks of that creek.

This blog is about reaching achieving your highest potential in the moral, mental and physical aspects of life.   As I watched Dr. Grant in that creek it occurred to me that your “best” is not age-related.  He was clearly at his best… working toward a noble purpose that has obviously fueled him for many years, and continues to energize him today.

As a biology professor Dr. Grant has spent his life… studying life.  I think WE can all learn about life by studying folks like Dr. David Grant.



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