A Weird Looking Plant

Posted on 15. Aug, 2011 by in Recent News

I was recently driving down Concord Road and saw what appeared to be a plant from a much earlier time.  Earlier as in it looked like something that would have been around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I pulled over and snapped a photo of the plant, and sent it off to the property owner for identification.  I just received a reply that the plant in question is a Mullein.

Further investigation revealed that the mullein plant is basically a weed which tends to appear when land has been disturbed.  It’s known as a pioneer plant since it is frequently one of the first plants to appear in burned areas.

I also learned that the mullein has been used as a medicine for many years, both in tea form and also inhaled through smoking.  The mullein is said to treat ailments ranging from asthma to irritable bowels.

You can click here to read an informative article about the mullein plant.  Please note that the Davidson Lands Conservancy does not condone nor suggest the use of the mullein plant to remedy anything other than a case of boredom on a hot summer’s day.