Backyard Wildlife Habitat February 26

Posted on 21. Feb, 2011 by in WOW Events, WOW Past Events, WOW! Blog

This Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Davidson the DLC’s ‘World of Wonder (WOW!)’ group will be joined by representatives from the Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists.  They will be explaining and promoting the idea of Certified Backyard Habitats.  You can certify your backyard through the National Wildlife Federation.  What do you need to have a backyard wildlife habitat?  You need to provide food, water, cover and places to raise young.  That means plants that have seeds and berries that animals like to eat.  Or a bird feeder. A source of water, maybe a bird bath or if you are lucky a stream.  Trees and bushes that provide a place for animals to hide.  And maybe a brush pile or other place that animals can hide and raise young.

Hope you’ll drop by our booth at the Farmer’s Market and get some pointers on setting up your backyard to welcome and protect wildlife.  And check our blog for updates on activities in the area.

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