Batchelor Easement

Batchelor 002The Davidson Lands Conservancy owns a conservation easement with Dr. Tom and Kris Batchelor of Davidson on their property near the intersection of Shearers Road and East Rocky River Road in Davidson.

The easement protects 7 acres of upland, sloping to within 0.1 mi. of the Rocky River, including woodland, water quality buffer, open field, a natural gas pipeline (future), and a 1.0 acre reserved homesite (future).  The owner covenants that the land outside the building envelope will remain in its natural non-developed state, and that any development within the envelope will be limited to no more than .4 acres of impervious surface.  Protected woodland adjoins common area of the Runnymede neighborhood.

The Batchelors stated,”The easement reflects our commitment to maintaining the rural character and conservation values of this area.  The tax benefits that come with this voluntary easement donation may make it possible for us to place easements on additional properties in the area.”