Deer in Davidson

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These particular deer were spotted in the Hobbs Hill neighborhood and likely live on the 18 acres of town-owned property on Beaty St. that includes a pond and a wooded area that provides a home for a variety of wildlife. A recent article in describes the very common occurrence of vehicle vs. deer accidents which usually result in the death of the deer, damage to a vehicle and sometimes injury to the driver of the car and passengers. What’s up with the deer? Well, as you can see from this picture they are frequent visitors to our back yards and gardens. As our human population grows and more and more land is developed the wild places for deer are gradually decreased. And, deer like what they find in our yards. It’s a complicated problem with no one solution. But, the work of groups like the Davidson Lands Conservancy which tries to preserve our undeveloped land for the good of wildlife as well as humans is part of the solution to this problem.  Achieving a healthy balance between developed and natural areas will benefit us all.  Check out this article on the complex issue of the deer/human relationship.

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