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Eagle Scout Project to Install Kayak Racks at Lake Davidson

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by in Lake Davidson Nature Preserve, Projects, Recent News

Local Davidson Scout, Andrew Nielsen, decided to help our community by making it easier to enjoy kayaking and canoeing on beautiful Lake Davidson.

Andrew is working toward his Eagle Scout, assisted by two fellow Scouts, Adam Brown and John Wacker.  On Friday, April 13th the group of Scouts worked on a project at the Sterling Martin Nature Preserve (formerly Lake Davidson Nature Preserve) to build wooden racks to store kayaks and canoes off the ground, near a safe put-in spot on the lake.  Sterling Martin and Joe Grooms guided the Scouts.

The project involved a lot of hard work, and required several people and a large selection of equipment and tools.  After assembling the wood pieces, the work began to clear the ground and dig the postholes.  The group cleared a space by removing a dead tree and some ground cover, drilling 2-foot postholes, and then setting up the racks.  Sterling Martin’s trusty loader backhoe, a pneumatic shovel, a chainsaw, and an array of additional shovels and saws helped the work along.

The Nature Preserve already has an existing kayak storage rack, but the popularity of the local kayaking and canoeing spot has created a great need for additional racks.  Prior to the additional racks being added there were a dozen or more kayaks and canoes resting on the ground by the water, chained to trees.

Beginning in July, the expanded kayak storage area will be overseen by the County Park and Recreation department.  Park and Rec will devise a system for reserving rack spaces for individual users.  In addition to adding the new racks, the Scouts are putting stickers on the kayaks and canoes that are currently chained to trees, to let owners know about the new Parks and Recs policies that will go into effect this summer.


Photographs of group working on clearing and setting up kayak racks near Lake Davidson.  Stay tuned for more photos of the finished project.

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