Forever Fund

 Campaign for the Forever Fund 

$500,000 by December 31, 2018

Once land is gone, it’s gone forever. 

But with your support, Davidson Land Conservancy’s Forever Fund will help save land and develop greenways and trails that benefit the community – forever. 

DLC Forever Fund: A Permanent Solution 

DLC announces a campaign for its Forever Fund, raising the resources needed to support permanent land and trail conservation in our area. 

Given the pressure for land in our area, several landowners are talking with DLC about property acquisition and easements. Knowing this, a generous Davidson family has offered the DLC a $250,000 matching gift. 

Gifts and multi-year pledges to the Forever Fund will ensure that we meet the $250,000 match by December 31, 2018. 

Let’s Claim This $250,000 Match! 

 Support DLC’s Forever Fund with your gift or pledge by December 31, 2018 

Claiming this inspirational match will allow DLC to reach its goal of $500,000 and move nimbly to save natural lands around us – forever. 

As a behavioral ecologist, I depend on the natural environment for my teaching and my research, but as a human, I simply love being outdoors. The fact is that walking in the woods, exploring trails, and connecting with nature for work or play is becoming a privilege, not a given. The important work of the Davidson Lands Conservancy aims to protect this privilege for our community- for generations to come.” 

Mark Stanback 

Professor of Biology, Davidson College 

Our current Forever Fund goal can help conserve more than 500 acres of land 

How much land can be saved with $500,000? More than you might think, and heres how. 

Permanent conservation agreements are often reached with willing landowners who care deeply about their land. Imagine being a farmer who is interested in conserving his property- worth $1 million- but who lacks the capital for an appraisal, survey, and other costs. The Forever Fund will cover the $30,000 to $40,000 in transaction and stewardship costs. 

In this case, a $1 million tract of land is conserved forever with a $35,000 investment- and the farmer retains ownership of their protected land. 

Natural lands in our region are disappearing at an alarming rate

We welcome new neighbors and businesses, but, powered by the explosive growth in North Mecklenburg, the population in Mecklenburg County has nearly tripled since the 1970s. 

We need to preserve the woods, streams and field that provide clean air, water, and places for us all to connect with nature and each other. 

What’s at stake?

  • Air and water quality 
  • Wildlife habitat and ecologically rich lands 
  • Educational, artistic, and recreational opportunities
  • Woodlands, wetlands, and open spaces 
  • Working farms and their sustainable produce and meats 
  • Healthful living – walking, cycling, and experiencing nature 
  • Our human connection to nature 

Contact us!
Forever Fund Campaign Chair Cambria Neilsen: [email protected]                 DLC office 704-892-1910