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I love to watch Hummingbirds and so I make a point of planting flowers that will attract them to my yard and also having a feeder that they will enjoy. What kinds of flowers do Hummingbirds like? Well, they are attracted to the color red so making sure you have some red flowers in the yard is a good bet to attract these lovely, amazing birds. Besides liking nectar from flowers and sugar water from your feeder, Hummingbirds eat insects. They have amazing long tongues that can reach out and grab insects in the air.

Just like humans they can’t survive on sugar alone-they need the protein they get from eating insects. This is especially true during their migration times. Hummingbirds are among the most amazing of the migratory birds because of their small size and the long distances they travel. Our neighbors at the Hilton Pond Nature Center study the migration patterns of Hummingbirds. They travel to Central America in the winter and band Hummingbirds there and then continue to band birds back home in York, South Carolina in the Spring and Summer.

In our area the only Hummingbird that we are likely to see is the Ruby-throated Hummingbird which is a small hummingbird with a slender, slightly downcurved bill and fairly short wings that don’t reach all the way to the tail when the bird is sitting.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are bright emerald or golden-green on the back and crown, with gray-white underparts. Males have a brilliant iridescent red throat that looks dark when it’s not in good light.

Look for the WOW booth at the Farmers Market to get more information about Hummingbirds.

Hilton Pond Nature Center

A link that will help you attract Hummingbirds to your yard.


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