Information about the Perseid meteor shower.

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Here are some links to more information about the Perseid meteor shower.
Space Weather News for Aug. 12, 2011

METEOR SHOWER: The Perseid meteor shower is underway. International observers are now reporting more than 20 meteors per hour as Earth passes through a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on the night of Aug. 12-13.  The best time to look is during the hours before dawn on Saturday morning, August 13th, when the glaring Moon is relatively low and meteor rates are highest.  Visit for full coverage.

WATCH OUT FOR THE SPACE STATION, TOO:  Consider it a cosmic coincidence.  During the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, the International Space Station will fly over many US towns and cities.  The behemoth spacecraft is easy to see if you know when to look.  Check’s Simple Satellite Tracker for flyby times:

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