Is This Davidson’s Biggest Tree?

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Can you help the Davidson Lands Conservancy locate Davidson’s biggest tree? Vice-president Rodney Graham’s two children went looking for big trees with their grandmother Betty Leavengood on Friday and Saturday, and came back with what well may be the biggest tree in Davidson.

Measurements were taken of the circumference of trees at a height 4 feet off the ground.   For obvious reasons the family did not try to measure the height of the tree, nor the mass.

What do the big trees have in common?  The three biggest were all willow oaks, and several of them were on Spring Street in downtown Davidson.  In fact, 3 of the 4 largest were on Spring Street.

The group also measured trees on Walnut Street, Concord Road, Potts and Delburg, and drove around downtown as well as the countryside looking unsuccessfully for trees that appeared larger.  A trip to the campus of Davidson College on Friday was cut short when both kids received the call of nature, and only one of them was willing to answer that call behind a tree (the tree was not subsequently measured).  However, the intrepid crew returned on Saturday and measured many large trees, although none of them were close to being the largest.

The largest tree was a willow oak found on Catawba Avenue.  One of a stand of five large oaks, this one measured 18 feet, 4 inches.  Coincidentally, Rodney built a house on this property 2 years ago.  The tree also featured a built-in seat.

Do you think you know of a larger tree?  If so, let us know the location and your ‘unofficial’ measurement, and if you say it’s larger than 18-4 we’ll come out with the team and give it an official measurement.  You can comment on this post (preferred so that others can see it), or e-mail us at [email protected]

The Biggest Tree in Davidson

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