Little Froggy Goes Home!

Posted on 13. Aug, 2011 by in WOW! Blog

Frog conservancy is a little outside of our charter, but nonetheless Davidson Lands Conservancy vice-president Rodney Graham and his family have recently taken up this cause.

It all started a few weeks ago when the WOW! program held a tadpole giveaway at the Davidson Farmer’s Market.  Rodney’s mother helped staff the WOW! table, and his two children eagerly scooped up some tadpoles from the aquarium and put them in a ziplock bag for the ride home.

After a trip to PETCO, the tadpoles were introduced to their new home, a plastic container of about 6 x 12 inches, complete with ventilated snap on top.  Some rocks and water were gathered from the local stream, and the five little tadpoles began their journey to froghood.

Less than a month went by before the tadpoles started to grow legs, at which point the kids referred to them as “frogpoles.”  One day a frog was noted sitting on top of a rock, and soon little froggy began exploring his surroundings, such as they were.  A vacation to California intervened, but shortly the Graham family was ready to relocate froggy to his new home….which turned out to be, we think, his old home.

Part of the care directions we were given upon receipt of the original tadpoles was that when they became frogs they were to be returned to their home pond.  It turns out that their home pond is a boat ramp on Lake Norman, so off we went.

As it turns out, by this time the kids were a bit disinterested in the frogs, so it was Rodney and his mother who did the honors of repatriating Mr. Froggy.  By the time they got to their destination it did not really seem to be the place of frogs, but rather a place of powerboats.  Nonetheless, Rodney and his mother dutifully followed directions and the frog was carefully placed on the shores of Lake Norman.

We’ll never know what happened to the little guy, but we’ll hope for the best.


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