Mott Easement

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DLC works with landowners who want to protect land that they love.  Our first conservation easement with private individuals was with Joe and Jan Mott, who in March, 2008, began to discuss an easement on a portion of their 19-acre property.  The parcel contains a residence, a horse barn, and several related structures that extends from Davidson-Concord Road to the West Branch of the Rocky River. It is bordered on one side by common open space owned by the River Run Property Owners Association and on the creek side by River Run golf course.

NOTE:  Effective June 2011 this property is now for sale.  Please click here for more information.

The Motts decided to permanently protect 8.67 acres along a 685’ stretch of the creek, comprised of approximately 40% woodland and 60% pasture.  Roy Alexander explains, “The parcel is small, but the public benefit of the easement is significant as it preserves open space — woods, fields, and streams — possessing agricultural, natural, scenic, recreational, riparian buffer, and watershed protection values.  DLC is appreciative of the Mott’s willingness to allow us to assist in drafting the agreement and holding the easement.” The easement has been recorded with the Register of Deeds and will remain in effect when the property is sold to future landowners.

“We love the natural aspects of our land as much as we do the house and out-buildings, and we are grateful that the easement gives us the flexibility to prescribe what can and cannot be changed about it in the future,” notes Joe Mott.

The Motts obtained an appraisal of the property showing its value with and without the easement. They will apply for a tax deduction for the difference between the two figures. They will also pay DLC an annual fee for its services as easement holder.

DLC’s responsibilities include an annual monitoring visit, advice on land management issues such as exotic species control, communications with neighbors, record keeping, posting boundary signs, and legal defense of the easement if violations occur.  Dave Martin emphasizes, “We look forward to partnering with the Motts in perpetuity.”

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