Putting A Price Tag on the Value of our Trees

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How do you put a price on the value of a tree? As the Town of Davidson celebrates Arbor Day today, Friday, March 18, think about all the ways trees contribute to our quality of life: helping cleaning carbon from the air, providing shade, containing storm water.

A recent project by our town’s Natural Assets and Tree Advisory Board has calculated the 10-year economic value of various trees around town, and adorned those trees with brightly colored tags.

Rebecca Mays of the Natural Assets board explains the value of a tree on the Village Green last week. (David Boraks/DavidsonNews.net)

“The price tags that you might’ve seen on trees in Roosevelt Wilson Park (off Griffith Street) and on the Village Green (are) there to celebrate Davidson’s recent Tree City Designation, and also to celebrate Arbor Day,” said Rebecca Mays, a Davidson resident and Natural Assets Board member.

Helping with the project were students from Community School of Davidson as well as members of the Davidson Lands Conservancy. Community School eighth graders helped hang tags at Roosevelt Wilson Park last Friday, March 11. Other volunteers hung tags on the Village Green this week.

A willow oak on the Village Green offers an example. The tree, towering over a stone bench in front of Davidson Public Library, is between 50 and 100 years old, Ms. Mays said.

The Natural Assets board used an online National Tree Benefit calculator to understand the value of the “ecosystem services” the tree provides, Ms. Mays said. That calculator incorporates data about how the tree cleans the air, helps control water runoff and cools the atmosphere (energy savings).

Altogether, the willow oak on the Green provides $2,892 in services over a 10-year period, Ms. Mays said.

If you stop by Roosevelt Wilson Park or the Village Green, take a look at the tags – front and back. You’ll get a quick lesson on the value of our town’s trees.

(note:  this post is courtesy of DavidsonNews.net).

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