Rocky River Nature Preserve

The 61-acre parcel that is now the Rocky River Nature Preserve (formerly known as Brackett Bluff) is located on ShBrackettBluff2earer Road and extends to the Rocky River on the east. It was targeted for preservation from the earliest days of DLC’s formation in 2001 and was acquired by the county parks system in October, 2002, at the urging of DLC, the town of Davidson, and Catawba Lands Conservancy.

The county allowed CLC to hold a conservation easement on the property with the understanding that the responsibility for the easement would be transferred to DLC. The property is a regionally significant natural heritage site, featuring a mature hardwood forest on a steep bluff that arcs along the river bottom. There are also diverse plant species that are uncommon in the Charlotte area.

Davidson resident Mary Brackett, one of the landowners, stated in 2002, “I have always thought this was a rather special place.  It’s just beautiful. You would expect to see this in the mountains, but not right here in the Piedmont.”
Responsibility for monitoring the property and advising on its stewardship was transferred to DLC. CLC  generously contributed $5,000 to an endowment fund for stewardship and legal defense of the property. The Elmer Brown Endowment Fund at Davidson College, which seeks to assure area sites for student research in field biology, also granted $2,500 to DLC for initial monitoring expenses.

To see more information on the Rocky River Nature Preserve through the county website, click here.