Runneymede Woods

Runnerymede Woods consists of 50 acres of pristine woodlands in the Runneyemede command area donated as a conservation easement to the Davidson Lands Conservancy by the Runnymede Homeowner’s association.  The easement allows them to continue to own and use the land which extends for one-half-mile along both the Mecklenburg and the Cabarrus sides of the Rocky River east of Davidson.  The Conservancy assists them in management and protection of the ecological values of the property, which contains rich, mature woodlands, a historic mill site and quarry, and impressive rock formations, including the “Whale Rock”, purportedly the largest granite outcrop in Cabarrus County.  The primary usage of the property’s equestrian and pedestrian trails remains for the private enjoyment of Runneymede residents and their guests, although  DLC from time to time offers guided tours and WOW nature walks in the conserved area.

The completion of this agreement contributes another link in a series of protected parcels along the Rocky River that will assure that it remains a largely-green corridor in the future.  The river connects the Runneymede property to publicly-owned parcels such as the Brackett Bluff Nature Preserve to the north and the West Branch Nature Preserve downstream, and to various privately-owned properties under conservation easement.

“We’re very grateful that the Runneymede HOA and its membership have taken this very forward looking step towards permanently protecting this special place, and we look forward to working with them to protect and enhance the conservation values of the land”, says DLC Board President Rodney Graham. “This land is conserved in perpetuity, meaning it will be there for the enjoyment of generations to come.”P1010396