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As I was driving back from a trip to the mountains this weekend, I saw something I had never noticed before:  a field of sunflowers all pointing the same direction.  I’ve seen plenty of sunflowers, but I had never noticed that they all pointed the same direction.

Recognizing that this could not be coincidence, I did a bit of research and found this information:

Sunflowers love the sun.  As they are growing, sunflowers will face their flowers in the direction of the sun, tracking it along during the day.  That is why a field full of sunflowers will always be pointed the same direction.  This phenomenon is known as Heliotropism.  However, nearing maturity, most sunflowers stop tracking the sun and just face east to catch the morning sunrise.

The particular sunflowers I saw were all facing east.

There you have it, one more thing to discuss at a cocktail party with your nature loving friends.

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