TreesDavidson To Plant Cherry Trees on WestSide Terrace

Posted on 28. Oct, 2013 by in Events, Recent News

TreesDavidson, a group of volunteers that is being incubated by the Davidson Lands Conservancy, is planning a 2nd tree planting event in Davidson’s Westside Terrace neighborhood.  The event, which is being held on November 2nd, is being sponsored by Ingersoll-Rand of Davidson.

TreesDavidson is planning to plant 22 Okame Cherry trees on Westside Terrace.  Earlier this year the group planted 5 oaks and 11 cherries on Lakeside Avenue.

“Our hope is to create a community focal point to emphasize the beauty of this historic neighborhood,” said Rodney Graham, a TreesDavidson volunteer and President of the Davidson Lands Conservancy.  “These trees will create a beautiful spectacle of flowering trees each spring, which will not only benefit the community but will hopefully attract others as well.”

Other TreesDavidson volunteers include Gordon Clark, owner of the Davidson Village Inn.  “Right now we are just planting trees, but down the road we hope to branch out into educational programs and other areas.”

TreesDavidson just completed a planting event in the McConnell neighborhood of Davidson, planting nearly 50 maple and oak trees.  This event was organized by Ron Walters and Irvin Brawley.

Volunteers are needed for this Saturday’s planting event, which begins at 1 and is project to last until 3.  Tree planting is an excellent event for all ages.  Typically a family can plant a tree in about 30 minutes.

“Tree planting is not only fun, it is extremely rewarding.  Trees provide both an immediate impact as well as a long term benefit,” says Roy Alexander, a TreesDavidson volunteer who is also the Executive Director of the Davidson Lands Conservancy.

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact the group at [email protected]  We hope to see you this Saturday!


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