IMG_7376TreesDavidson, a DLC program in partnership with TreesCharlotte, is focused on preserving our existing tree canopy and planting new trees. Trees clean our air, reduce stormwater run-off, cool our streets and homes, reduce energy use, increase property values, and give us beauty.

School groups, students, scouts, families, and IMAGE_1789volunteers have come together in the Davidson community to plant trees across town that will stand now and for future generations.

In addition to planting trees in the community, TreesDavidson has also started a dialogue with the Town of Davidson about working more closely to address ways to better manage our tree canopy.

This could include strengthening the Town’s Tree Ordinance, updating the Town’s street tree inventory, and working with local property owners to find ways to continue to improve our tree canopy.

For more information on how you can get involved in TreesDavidson contact Autumn Micheal at [email protected] or Gordon Clark at [email protected].