Tulip Poplar, a beautiful tree.

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This tree is known as the Yellow-Poplar, the Tulip Tree or Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera). One of the tallest and most beautiful trees of the Eastern United States its trunk diameter is second in size only to the Sycamore. The current height champion is approximately 178.5 feet in height and grows along Baxter Creek in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The tallest tulip trees on record probably reached 190 feet in height. The leaves are 4-6 inches long, 4-lobed with a deeply notched tip. In our area these trees flower in April and the flower may be described as tulip-like with green upright petals that are orange at the base. The fruit is a cone which is brown and remains on the tree after the leaves are shed. The bark is grey. The range of this tree is from northern Florida to southern Ontario. It has been exported to the pacific coast and to Europe.

This tree has many uses such as for furniture, implements, boxes, toys, pulp and fuel. Native Americans used the trunks of Tulip Poplars to make dug-out canoes. The seeds are eaten by squirrels and birds.

This will link you to a fact sheet about Tulip Poplars.


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