WOW-All about Bluebirds!

Posted on 19. Jun, 2018 by in WOW Events

WOW Thanks: Dr. Mark Stanback

For our WOW Outing, “All About Bluebirds,” June 16

Eastern Bluebirds of only 3 to 5 days old were held and admired last Saturday during our visit to bluebird nest boxes on the Davidson College campus. These special birds were considered endangered a few decades ago, but are now quite numerous. Dr. Mark Stanback, ornithologist and professor at Davidson College, and his students have set up hundreds of nest boxes around Davidson, not just for bluebirds, but also for tree swallows, brown-headed nuthatches and Carolina chickadees. We enjoyed learning more about bluebirds and other feathered friends, and we’ll be looking for these babies as they begin to fly at just 17 days old. Thank you Dr. Stanback!


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