WOW-Animal Tracks!

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WOW-Animal tracks!

When I go for a walk after a rain I see lots of tracks in the mud. Sometimes all I see are human tracks and dog tracks. But sometimes I see lots of animal tracks. This  picture is tracks of a raccoon. Their tracks almost look like little hand prints, like the prints my grandsons might make in the mud.

Another kind of track you are likely to see is deer tracks. Even though I live in town there are some wooded areas around me, like the woods around the pond and over on the college campus. We have a lot of deer. They walk through our neighborhood and in the summer they like to snack on our garden!

At the Davidson Farmer’s Market this Saturday the WOW booth will feature an activity about animal tracks. Hope to see you there!

¬†Here’s a link to some animal track cards you can print out to help you when you go exploring.



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