WOW- Bird Outing!

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Thanks to Mark Stanback, Ornithologist from Davidson College, for spending time Saturday morning explaining some of his research concerning bluebirds and brown-headed nuthatches. Over 50 participants attended.  He pointed out that bluebirds often bully nuthatches out of nest boxes, and thus the reason to install boxes with a smaller hole that bluebirds cannot enter.

Mecklenburg Audubon’s Jill Palmer was also on hand to explain that their focus this year is to encourage people to install nuthatch boxes. See

In addition to Mark and Jill, Lenny Lampel from Mecklenburg Parks led bird walks, and despite the cold weather, many species of birds where spotted.

Ron Kitchen from Huntersville/Charlotte Wild Birds Unlimited also explained about the best food for birds.

 Participants were able to paint nuthatch houses, and to build bluebird houses  donated by Harris Lake Resources.


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