WOW- Brown-headed Nuthatch!

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The little bird pictured above is a Brown-headed nuthatch.  This small bird is native to the Southern US and needs our help to find a home.  These cute little birds are native to pine-woods and as we develop more and more urban areas we loose the kinds of trees nuthatches need for nesting.  In addition to nesting in pine trees they like to eat the pine seeds.  Another interesting fact is that they are tool users.  Yes, they are known to use a piece of bark to pry up other bark and look for food.  So, Audubon North Carolina is very interested in conservation of these birds.  Besides competing for space with humans they also must compete with other birds in particular Eastern Bluebirds.  We can put up birdhouses that both of these birds like for nesting, however, the nuthatches can use a smaller hole to enter their nest boxes.

Birds begin nesting much earlier than you might think.  Brown-headed nuthatches begin building their nests as early as December and then lay their eggs in the spring.  But, they can use the nest as a place to roost in the winter.  So maybe you’d like to join us for a


Saturday, January 25th, 11am to 12pm

 Sponsored by Woodland Discovery, Davidson Lands Conservancy,

 Mecklenburg Audubon Society and Wild Birds Unlimited

Location:  Woodland Discovery/Harris Lake, 8755 Poplar Tent Road, Concord.


* Learn All About Bluebirds and Nuthatches

* Go on a Short Bird Walk

* Make or Paint Bird Houses

Saturday, January 25th, 11am to 12pm

Join us at the Woodland Discovery site for a great winter bird activity. Dr. Mark Stanback, of Davidson College, will teach us about bluebirds and brown-headed nuthatches and explain how you can support their habitat in your own backyard. Following this, local bird experts will then lead us in a short bird walk. Bring your binoculars!  These two activities, which will last approximately one hour, are free, no registration required.   In case of inclement weather, this event will be moved inside at the same site.

If you’d like to stay longer to work on birdhouses or take some home, the cost is $15 (cash or check only) per birdhouse. There will be two types:  a pre-made nuthatch house which can be painted, etc., and a bluebird house kit.  Tools, paints and other materials will all be available and includedthe cost.

To reserve birdhouses, please specify which kind and how many by sending an email to [email protected].   Requests made after January 20th are not guaranteed to arrive on time, but we’ll do our best to have extras on hand.  Payment will be made on site, January 25th.

Be sure that you receive an email confirming your reservation of a birdhouse.

Check out this link for more information about Brown-headed nuthatches.

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