WOW-Butterflies, Bees, Bugs and Dragonflies!

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WOW Thanks: Rob Van Epps

For the WOW Outing, “Butterflies, Bees, Bugs and Dragonflies,” August 6

Sunny and warm, just the way butterflies like it! We had a wonderful afternoon with Rob Van Epps and some WOW families, looking for and finding all kinds of butterflies (and bees and dragonflies and bugs and birds…even a toad!). The best part was a magical, unforgettable moment standing amidst wildflowers and butterflies, just watching and enjoying. Thank you Rob for such a special outing.

 A List of What We Saw:

 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Spicebush Swallowtail


Sleepy Orange

Cabbage White

Carolina Satyr

Pearl Crescent

Red-spotted Purple (netted by Nora or her dad!)

Common Buckeye

Variegated Fritillary

Great Spangled Fritillary

Juniper Hairstreak

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Summer Azure

Horace’s Duskywing

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Fiery Skipper


Clouded Skipper

Zabulon Skipper

A few other notable sightings:

Fowler’s Toad

Halloween Pennant (dragonfly that was caught)

Large Milkweed Bug

Leaf-footed Bug

June Bug

Robberfly with a paper wasp

butterfly net

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