WOW! Cicadas are coming!

Posted on 10. Mar, 2011 by in World of Wonder, WOW Events, WOW Past Events, WOW! Blog

Every year in the summer we are visited by incredibly noisy insects called cicadas.  This year is special because the Great Southern Brood or Brood 19 of the periodic cicadas will emerge in very large numbers across the south.  These insects are about an inch and a half long, red eyed noise makers that you will not miss.  When the ground temperature reaches 64 degrees they will begin to emerge from where they have been hiding in the soil for the past 13 years.  That’s right, 13 years!  You are less likely to encounter them in the city but where there are a lot of trees, especially oaks, and undisturbed soil they will emerge in great numbers to eat leaves, make a lot of noise, mate and lay eggs so that in 13 years there will be another brood of The Great Southern Brood.  And when I say noise, I mean these are really loud.  They all join together to make an amazing chorus.  This article will tell you more and you can also visit Davidson Farmer’s Market on March 26th.  Lenny Lampel from the Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec. will join WOW with a presentation about how to be a part of Citizen Science to help count our visiting cicadas.

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