WOW-Native Bees!

Posted on 01. Apr, 2018 by in WOW! Blog

We’ve heard a lot about honey bees and the problem with colony collapse and this is a real concern. Something you might like to know more about is the amazing world of bees that are native to our area.  Yes, honey bees play an important role in pollination, but they are not native to North America.  They were imported by European settlers.  Long before they arrived there were bees and other pollinators here and you can learn more about our native bees in this new book Our Native Bees by Paige Embry. I was amazed to learn that honey bees can’t pollinate tomato plants. But bumble bees can.  Bumble bees attach themselves to the tomato flower and vibrate it with their wings which causes the flower to release the pollen.  This is how the pollination occurs.  Here’s a link to the episode of Science Friday where this book was featured a link to an excerpt from the book.

The Science Friday link also shows some amazing photographs of bees up close. I think you’ll enjoy learning more about these amazing creatures.



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