WOW-New web links for children and their parents.

Posted on 11. Jul, 2018 by in WOW! Blog

WOW received a nice email from someone who visited our website while searching for information with a group of children. The particular blog post was several years old and some of the links no longer work, so, I thought it might be good to have a new post about links I want to share. The first one is from our reader Hannah Ainsworth and the children she was working with.

These next three are links I found with a Google search and reviewed.  I think they are good.

An article I found on the Children and Nature site written by Richard Louv was about Fred Rogers. It’s a lovely article and if you want to read it here it is:

One of the things Mr. Rogers said to the author is that children trust that when they go to the refrigerator there won’t be any poison there.  He was talking about television and some of his motivation for doing a children’s show on TV.  I think we can talk about the Internet the same way.  Children may go to the Internet thinking it’s safe. We all know that is not always true and we as adults and parents have to monitor what children are seeing on the Internet.

So, enjoy these sites and send us some of your favorites.


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