WOW!- Scaly, Slimy, but Never Scary!

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“Scaly, Slimy, but Never Scary – Come Pet Something That’s Not Hairy”

 Led by Ms. Nitya Rao

Saturday, February 2nd

This was WOW’s third year  with the really cool animals of Davidson College’s Herpetology Lab.  We were very lucky to have Ms. Rao lead this event again, too.  Snakes, turtles, toads, frogs, and salamanders, all native to North Carolina, were viewed and touched.  Definitely not scary at all!  We learned why snakes have a forked tongue (so they can scent in which direction is their prey—right or left) and why painted turtles have a flat shell (so they can swim more easily).  Many great questions were asked, and there were lots of great answers too.  It looked like we had more than a few future herpetology scientists in our group!  WOW would like to especially thank Ms. Rao for taking the time to do this event.  She is graduating from Davidson this year, and we wish her all the best.

This event was hosted by the Biololgy Department at Davidson College.  Co-sponsors were World of Wonder, Davidson Lands Conservancy and Woodland Discovery.

We hope to repeat this event next year.  If you want to receive information about this event and other WOW events, send an email to [email protected] and ask to have your name and email address added to our contacts.

Looking for more time time with these amazing animals?  The Herpetology Lab at Davidson College will be hosting Reptile Day, Saturday, April 6th, 10am to 1pm, in the Blanche Parker Knox Garden between the Watson and Dana Science Complex.  For more information about this and other herpetology sites and programs, go to

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