WOW-Solar Eclipse!

Posted on 23. Jul, 2017 by in WOW! Blog

Most people have heard that there will be a total solar eclipse on August 21. The excitement is building. This eclipse will be total in a path that runs from the Pacific northwest all the way to the Atlantic coast in South Carolina. Davidson is a bit north of the range of totality but we will experience the eclipse here as well. According to an article in the Charlotte Observer we will see “a partial eclipse for nearly 3 hours starting at 1:12 pm and peaking at 2:41 pm “. Even though it will not be a total eclipse in this area there will be a noticeable darkening of the sky. If you want to be in the range of the total eclipse you only need to drive south about an hour to the Columbia, SC area or the Greenville, SC area to experience that. There is also an area in western NC that will be in the path of totality. According to the Observer article Bryson City, NC is expecting quite a crowd and the highway patrol is expecting very heavy traffic. They ask that you not pull onto the shoulder of a highway or interstate to view the eclipse and don’t wear solar viewing glasses while driving!

So, about eye protection, you should not look at the sun without proper eye protection. Here’s a website that has much information about solar viewing including how to purchase solar viewing equipment.

Here’s a link to the Charlotte Observer article I mentioned earlier:

NASA will be live streaming the eclipse. This might be a great alternative if you can’t get to the path of totality. You can find the excellent NASA website at

Please remember to stay safe and enjoy this amazing natural event.

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