WOW-Spider Outing!

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WOW’s October 18 outing, “Where do Spiders Hide?”, was a great adventure. Fortunately, many spiders chose not to hide from us that day. We looked at orb spiders in their webs and hunting spiders, which don’t spin webs. One of them marched right in front of us with his prey in his mouth! One observant child found an egg sac with mother spider nearby. We talked about the amazing diversity of spiders and how they’ve figured out how to live and survive. One thing to know: don’t destroy the webs you see outside. If you need to move one, carefully take one side and move it over. The spider needs the protein in the web in order to make another one. Also, many spiders and other insects like to lay their eggs in leaf litter. So, if possible, don’t be too tidy when cleaning up your garden for the fall.
Many, many thanks to Dr. David Grant, of Davidson College, who led this outing. His spider outing was the first WOW outing in 2010 when we started. We hope to offer this informative and fun event again.

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