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Late summer and fall are great times for looking for spiders. The spider in the picture with this blog is a Black-and-Yellow Argiope or Writing Spider. I caught this picture in my front yard- they are very common. They are one of the many different orb-weavers and their webs can be quite big. Now, spiders indoors can make for a mess that we have to keep cleaning up. Spiders outdoors are usually eating insects- maybe some that you would prefer not to encounter. So, that’s a good thing to remember when you complain about spiders and their webs. They serve a purpose. Some people truly are afraid of spiders. I would like to suggest that getting to know about spiders, learning to identify the ones you truly need to be wary of, can be a way to calm your anxiety. Here’s a link to a useful site about spiders in North Carolina.

On Saturday we hosted one of our Spider Outings. Kids discovered all kinds of spiders and critters. ¬†Parents did too! ¬†We all loved it — and Dave Grant was a master at answering both children’s and parents’ questions, guiding us all into the spider world of wonder.
Some pictures from the outing are here.

Spider Outing with Dr. Grant

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