WOW! Toads!

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WOW! Toads in my Yard!  The other night I walked into the yard after dark and I heard this sound. Sort of “waaah”. Not a loud sound, but insistent. And there was more than one of the things making the sound. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a bird because, well, it didn’t sound like a bird, and because it was on the ground. Under the streetlight on the edge of the street I saw something move. And then I saw another one. Do you have any ideas? Well, it was a toad. This year we have lots of small toads and some medium sized ones and even a large one. Last year I saw lots of tiny baby ones but the ones I’m seeing this year are a little bigger. Maybe the baby ones will show up when this years eggs hatch! What’s the difference between a frog and a toad? For the most part toads have warty skin and short legs and frogs have smooth skin and longer legs.  What do toads eat?   They eat insects so one reason they hang out under the street light at night is they know where the insects are hanging out!  Can you get warts from a toad? NO! Toads do have warty skin but you won’t catch warts from them. But if you pick one up it might secrete a substance that would irritate your eyes and mouth so be sure to wash your hands after handling one.  Mostly they are just nice harmless creatures you can enjoy.

If you want to know more about toads there are some good links on the web.

From the Davidson College Herpetology Lab.

Another good website about frogs and toads.


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