WOW-Tree Signs Project!

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Since the beginning of the group known as WOW there has been talk of finding a way to identify trees in some of our local natural areas so that residents and visitors could learn more about our native trees. With the help of many in our community we have now purchased a number of tree identification signs. The first set of the signs was installed at Fisher Farm Park by a group of Boy Scouts on Saturday, June 16. They were led in this project by Carolyn Walker of the WOW team and Woodland Discovery. Next time you are at Fisher Farm be sure to look for the signs. On August 18 a group of WOW families installed signs at Lake Davidson Nature Preserve.  And many local people have posted signs in their yards.  Look around for these signs and learn more about our trees.

The signs were purchased with the help of people who bought signs for their personal use as well as people who made a monetary contribution to our project. Here’s a list of those who helped:

Kim Aichele and the Community School of Davidson

Lyn and David Batty

Erin Burke

Jennifer Chaffman

Tanya Chartier

Leah Chester-Davis

Pam Dykstra

Rodney Graham

Laura Grosch

Janet Hays

Mark Kehe

Sandy Kragh

John and Missy Kuykendal

Elizabeth and Dave Martin

The Mays Family

Autumn and Jeff Michaels

Mitzi Patton

Kathy Pearce

Nancy Popkin

Kath Quinn

W. Roberts

Lori, Kevin and Colin Shannon

John and Allie Sutek

Carolyn Walker

Evan Webster

Alyssa Wood

Again, Thanks to all who helped make this project happen. Our hope is that it enriches everyone who walks in these areas and perhaps inspires one and all to learn more about our native trees.


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