WOW- What can you find in this creek?

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One of the things that we often see when we visit a creek in the summer is a dragonfly.  The life cycle of the dragonfly is quite interesting.  A male and female dragonfly mate while flying in the air.  Then, the female lays her eggs on a plant in the water, maybe in a creek or a pond.   When the eggs hatch the next stage in the life cycle of the dragonfly is the nymph.  The dragonfly nymph lives in the water as it develops into a full-grown dragonfly.  It can take as long as four years from the egg stage until it becomes an adult.  When the nymph is ready to become a full-grown dragonfly it will crawl out of the water onto a plant and shed its skin and emerge as a full-grown dragonfly.

So when you visit a creek in the summer you might find a dragonfly flying around the creek or you might find a dragonfly nymph in the water.  Either way, dragonflies are one of the very interesting creatures you might find at a creek.

Join WOW for an outing led by Ms. Cynthia Benes. Saturday, June 15th, 9:30am to 11:00am.  What kinds of little critters live in our local creeks?  This outing is open to children and their families, with a minimum age of 4 years.  Be sure to wear sturdy footwear that can get wet (e.g., water shoes or old sneakers—boots won’t work as well, as water just comes in through the top!).  Please, no strollers or dogs.

Location and other details will be sent to those who pre-register.

Pre-registration is required, and numbers are limited. Please contact Erin at [email protected].

Be sure that you receive an email confirming your registration.

If you have registered, but then find that you may not be able to attend, please contact Erin as soon as possible, at [email protected].

We have had a problem with no-shows for a few of our outings, which is extremely unfortunate as we always have families on a wait list.  Please be sure that you are committed to attending

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