WOW- What is a Naturalist?

Posted on 09. Apr, 2017 by in WOW! Blog

What is a naturalist? The dictionary says a naturalist is “A person who specializes in natural history, especially in the study of plants and animals in their natural surroundings. “ Are you a naturalist? As we think about conserving the land around us it seems only natural that we want to know about what lives in our area. What are the names of the wildflowers, grasses, trees, insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and even more interesting things around us? One thing that WOW is most interested in is encouraging parents and children to experience nature and to learn about the natural world from some of the very knowledgeable people who live in our area. We benefit from their knowledge and their willingness to share. When we offer outings led by naturalists it is with the hope that children and parents will become interested enough in the natural world that they might become naturalists. Below is an interesting article from the NY Times. I hope you will plan to join us soon on a nature outing.


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