WOW- What’s that sound?

Posted on 22. Jul, 2013 by in World of Wonder, WOW! Blog

So what’s that sound?  Is it a cricket, a bird, a frog, a cicada, a katydid?  A Katydid? What’s that?

One thing that I really enjoy about summer is the variety of insect sounds that you can hear in our area.  A quick response to the noise you hear might be “that’s a cicada” but there really are a variety of insects that produce sounds.  And if you really listen you’ll begin to notice that it depends on the time of day or night what you might be hearing.  I found this great website  which might help you identify the particular sound you are hearing and what insect is producing it.  There are three general categories of loud insects that you might hear in the summer: crickets, cicadas and katydids.

A fun thing to do might be to take a day and evening to make a point of listening and trying to decide which insect is producing the sound you hear.  This could be a good exercise in listening for your family.  And if you go camping you’ll have a great time listening to those night time insects singing you a lullaby. (check out this link)

Happy Listening!


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