WOW-What’s That?

Posted on 24. Oct, 2012 by in World of Wonder, WOW! Blog

If you walk around Davidson there are a few places in town where you will find this strange looking green thing. It’s the fruit of a tree called the Osage Orange. Now, don’t rush out and think you will have something to eat if you find one. I’m sure some of our wildlife might find it tasty but humans shouldn’t try it.

The Osage Orange is a tree closely related to the Mulberry. It is native to The Red River valley in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas but has been widely planted. It’s also known as Hedge-apple and has been used to make hedges and windbreaks.

The other object in the picture is a tile made last Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. We used the Osage Orange to make the bumpy surface of the tile.

Fall is the best time to look for unusual seeds and seed pods. Look around your neighborhood and see what you find.


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