WOW: What’s the Buzz?

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WOW Thanks: Christine Lisiewski and Pam Hay

For our WOW outing, “What’s the Buzz?” September 10

 Many thanks to Christine Lisiewski, Pam Hay and Dearness Gardens for “What’s the Buzz?” September 10. We started in the “nursery” looking at caterpillars, chrysalides and newly hatched butterflies. Then we toured Dearness’ native plant gardens, looking for milkweed, monarch eggs and caterpillars. We found a lot! There were butterflies flying all around, and we saw one of them laying her eggs. After feeding the koi and goldfish, Christine released a couple butterflies.  We left Christine with a number of monarch caterpillars which she will add to her nursery. Once they transform into butterflies, she’ll tag and release them. A monarch she saved a couple years was found in a monarch butterfly nature reserve in Mexico! Both Christine and Pam were instrumental in getting Davidson designated a Bee City ( and both have worked on DLC’s bird and butterfly books. Coming soon will be an insect book, so look for that one in Davidson’s Main Street Books. For more about monarchs: Monarch Watch For more information about Dearness, and to take a look at their articles on native plants and pollinators:

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