WOW-Winter Nature Walk

Posted on 27. Feb, 2017 by in Projects, WOW Events

WOW Thanks Reed Patterson
For “Winter Nature Walk,” Saturday, February 25

Well, the weather was not winter-like for our Winter Nature Walk with Reed Patterson, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying a hike along a deer trail from the entrance of Abersham Park down to its creek. Along the way, we came across evidence of coyotes, vultures, animal hunts, orchids, spring peepers, native American plum trees and more. We learned about how a “cancer” on a tree will give us tiger maple used in furniture and how animals hide their food up in trees and under leaves. WOW, DLC, and Woodland Discovery would like to thank Reed Patterson for taking time on a beautiful Saturday morning to lead some of our WOW families on a hike through a local park. Thank you Reed!


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